Tadacip Tadalafil Tablets Specification:

Brand Name: Tadacip 20mg Tablets

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil 20mg

Manufacturer: Cipla

Form: Tablets

Packing: Pack of 4 Tablets

Strength: 20mg

Minimum Order : 500 packs


Tadacip is manufactured by Cipla. Tadacip is one of the most cost-effective pills introduced to treat male sexual dysfunction. Tadacip is introduced by Cipla and it is one of the best trusted medicines after Branded Cialis. The main ingredient of Tadacip, Tadalafil, inhibits the activities of PDE5 which is the perpetrator of affected blood flow to the penile region. PDE5 are cGMP specific enzymes which can be considered as the main reason for arising impotency issue in an individual. Tadacip is a version of generic Cialis utilized to treat Foreplay disorder in men. Tadacip helps men achieve a harder erection that enables these to participate in normal Foreplay practice.

Tadacip is for the struggle against the male impotence. This remedy is Generic Tadalafil and approved by FDA for the erectile dysfunction treatment. Tadacip has all pharmacological properties to regulate the male potency and increase the male abilities in bed.

If you could not put your sexual dreams into practice because of the bad erection, due to this drug you will be able to get maximum sensations from the sexual activity.

How does Tadacip act?

The basic active component of Tadacip, Tadalafil, acts quickly and helps to gain erection in 30 minutes after the use of the drug. This drug for the treatment of impotence regulates the natural blood flow into penis which may be broken because of the different disorders and dysfunction in the body. A full circulation of the blood in the genital area leads to erection. This drug helps to gain erection and also keeps it for a long period of time. Due to Tadalafil a man can keep his erection in a good condition for 36 hours and make his partner happy. Tadacip does not work reflexively and it increases potency only in response to the sexual arousal of a man or physical stimulation of penis.

How to take Tadacip?

Tadacip is released in the form of the tablets which should be taken before sexual intercourse

  • It is better to take the drug 30 minutes before having sexual intercourse
  • The minimal dose of Tadacip is 20 mg per day
  • If the efficiency of this dose is low, consult a doctor or pharmacist. Perhaps you need to increase the dose
  • It is possible to take the tablets of Tadacip during food consumption and with a small amount of alcohol. The advantage of Tadalafil in comparison with the identical remedies to boost potency is a good tolerance with alcohol
  • Men with cardiovascular diseases need to reduce the dose because of the possibility of the rapid heartbeat or heart pain during sexual intercourse.


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